Saturday, 25 October 2008

Nappy making frenzy underway!

Here are a few more I whipped up between curtain making:

Of course, my favourite is the turtles, despite having made a similar nappy for Austy before (although his now looks like a rag, the turtles almost invisible and a few tears in the outer fabric these days). I love the fabric, but also, I lined it with luscious soft mint velour. MMMMMmmm.

Austy thought the cow one was a bib, since he has a few bibs of the same fabric (that he doesn't really wear anymore), and happily played my assistant, handing me the correct coloured snaps in the quantities I asked for.

The lemon star one looks like one leg is bigger than the other in the photo, but it's definitely not since I marked my elastic start and end points before sewing on two equally sized pieces of elastic. I am thinking it's the way it was sitting for the photo. I like that print a lot too and wish I'd used the natural coloured bamboo velour in my stash to line it rather than the white microfleece.


Brissmiths said...

I so love newborn cloth nappies (and any cloth nappies). Kaiden has been in cloth nappies since he was born too and I just love their softness and cuteness.

Kylie said...

You clever thing you - they look great. I LOVE cloth nappies too - I actually have to pull my finger out and knit Baden some new nappy covers - he is such a long boy and his rise is so darn long!

Karen said...

Joy these are so sweet!
I love the cows one, but they all look so tiny and adorable it's hard to pick a favourite.

Bami said...

Wow - they look fantastic!