Saturday, 18 October 2008

Teddy #1 complete

Austy wouldn't go to bed last night and with all of the getting up and down I didn't want to start quilting till I knew he was asleep, so I started the bears instead. This little guy got his front knitted in between putting someone back into bed, and then the back knitted while that little someone had swimming lessons today. After we swam in our pool this afternoon Austin wanted to stay outside and play with water toys so I sat outside with him and finished this little guy off. I still need ribbon for the teddy bear's necks, and then for stringing the mobile together but this is a start.

Better go, someone is up to his bedtime antics again... can't wait for DH to get home tomorrow night!


Emma said...

Very cute teddy! It seems as though you got it done pretty quickly, too!

Kylie said...

Oh that is so cute - the wool knitted up nicely! Looking forward to seeing them all together! Dont you love a quick knit.