Monday, 20 October 2008

Things are getting serious!

Seriously TINY that is! (Or you could say things are getting seriously huge, but it depends if you are talking about me or the nappies...)

A bit of my nappy making history:

I cloth nappied Austin from birth, making up about 20 small pocket nappies before he was born and one newborn one simply because my first go at creating my own pattern had me make one too small. But that nappy was wonderful in the early days as it didn't rub on his umbilical stump too much (the pockets have quite a high rise) and the legs didn't have to be done up at the tightest snap (and risk wing droop). After my first go at making new pockets on Saturday night, (this time my first one came out to be more like a medium than a newborn... I think I just couldn't remember how small new babies are), I decided to make a newborn sized fitted. Austin was in pockets from day 1 till he was 6-8m old and no longer able to stay dry in a heavily boosted pocket nappy all night long so I never did the fitted and woolly thing with him until then when nothing else seemed to work. Fitteds always seem smaller than a pocket anyway as there is no allowance for lots of stuffers, and you do have to fit a cover over them. But I was so shocked when I whipped up this little fitted tonight. It is the cutest, tiniest thing I have ever seen and I was tempted to go and steal Austy's "baby" from his tight sleepy grasp just to try it on as I did with his first newborn nappy (the doll was here for my niece long before Austin was thought of but with our baby approaching Austin has become quite attached to his little boy baby).

It was quite fiddly to do and next time I would cut the lay in booster a bit bigger (you can't see it here as it's underneath the snap in soaker pad). Overlocking those tight corners was a little difficult when I am so out of practice on the nappy making front. I did have a full body layer cut from the microfleece but the nappy seemed really bulky and I decided to go withoiut, leaving soft bamboo fleece against bub's skin, and microfleece on the soaker pad to wick the moisture away. This was the first time I used woolly nylon too - love the stuff - soooo soft!

And here's a progress shot of bubs, taken at 31w pregnant. I actually don't look that big here - I think it's the skirt. Normally when I have jeans or work pants on and it's easier to see where my bump starts, people start looking very worried, even my boss is stressing taht I won't make it through to my maternity leave date at 37 weeks!

And just a cute story about Austy, because I feel like sharing. Tonight I was seriously tired, having woken up at 4am with reflux (I never want to eat Indian again... well at least not till after bub arrives!) and not being able to go back to sleep. When I got home I started having some nasty Braxton Hicks contractions that had me stopping whatever I was doing - I think it was my body's way of telling me to rest. Austy was quite concerned and when I went to lay down on the couch and called him into the family room to play where I could keep an eye on him, he came in, gently wrapped his arms around my tummy and said "I'm taking your tummy sore away and throwing it in the bin" and off he went and I heard the bin lid go up and slam down. Then he dissappeared to his bedroom, came back with his pillow and "star blanket" (the baby quilt I made him) and "tucked me all in" on the lounge. He played for a little bit, then I moaned again so off he went. I looked at my watch and realising it was bed time for him I went to go and get him to get him ready for bed. There he was in his doorway, dragging his CD player and telling me to go back on the couch because he was bringing Justine Clarke for me to make me feel better! Isn't he just adorable! I just know he will make a fantastic big brother.


Emma said...

What a loving boy you have! James likes to tuck me up with a cushion and quilt, too! It must be in the mothering ;)

Tracy said...

you look beautiful :) The nappies are so cute!

Kylie said...

Oh so little and tiny. Look at your belly - you are glowing!

Cascade Lily said...

Joy you look great! I just couldn't bring myself to do clothies in the early breastfed poo months :)

What a gorgeous boy Austy is - you're right he'll made a wonderful older brother!

And I'm very jealous of your sewing nook - we don't even have room for a nook!

Jenn said...

What a cute story and such a sweet little boy. I was wondering where you got the pattern for the nappies? We're expecting our first and I'd like to try cloth diapering befpre deciding between that and hybrid diapers. Thanks!

sue said...

Oh what an absolutely adorable son you have, made me feel all teary reading how sweet he is with you. I think you look great for 31 weeks and those nappies seem like great ideas. Wish they had thought of those when my 2 were little.

mames said...

oh, the story about austy made my heart melt. he is going to be a great big brother. it is hard to believe the little baby i 'met' due to the baby bumpers blog is such a grown up little boy. cannot wait to meet the bub!