Thursday, 2 October 2008

A new spot to sew

I thought I'd better show you all my new sewing nook - a bit of a downgrade from the lovely big double bedroom I could shut the doors on, leave set up and had free reign over. I guess I will get a sewing room back one day when the kids are grown though and by then there will be noone to sew for, so I am glad to at least have this little sunny corner where I can create. Luckily this house has both a family room AND a lounge room (or adult's room as Austy calls it), so I can shut the doors and keep kids out, but I will need to keep it a bit tidier than my old sewing room. I sort of got into the habit of sewing till I dropped, leaving no time for tidy up, since I get such a small amount of sewing time anyway.

Here's the big room I left, being prepped for painting. The pink square on the wall was where a mirror used to be as a part of a dressing table that came with the house. That's now out in the carport waiting to be ebayed, and the room is all painted, with a certain little boy sleeping in it tonight, waiting for his room to get the same treatment as we make it over from nursery to little boy's room. I will show you after shots once the new nursery is finished and all set up, curtains included. I picked outr some fabrics today and when they arrive in a week's time I will have lots of long straight lines to sew.

Here is the room before we moved in - those curtains hanging there look quite ok but in reality they were all discoloured with a combination of yellowing and fading so they had to go, as did the pelmets as we opt for a more modern look. I still have to hunt down a new light fitting too, much to the old owner's disgust - they loved the old lights so I am thinking about ringing them for them to have the option to come and take it off our hands. I have picked out a rather simple sheer netting, to come just to the window ledge and the outer curtain will be a sunout fabric in a mushroom colour with the slightest bit of texture for some interest. The pull cords are gone, never to be allowed back into the house again! Austy's Dad liked them and wanted to put them back up but with the strangulation risk I wouldn't have it, plus they were disgusting and grimey anyhow.

And here is yesterday's efforts - already claimed by a rather surprised Siamese who got caught doing something he shouldn't! He's not allowed in that bassinette and he knows it, but I took the photo before booting him out. I think he likes the little bunnies! I love the way my fitted sheet fits so easily and snugly - no battling with flat sheets or pillowscases over the bassinette matress this time. I whipped up another set today between hunting down curtain fabrics, an obstetric visit (and much to my relief - bub is spot on size for dates so contrary to popular belief, so far it's not looking like another massive one!), buying some more sewing supplies and doing the drop off/pickup run for Austy to go to childcare. Phew! What a busy day, and I can hardly believe I also fitted in some much needed housework as well, baked a banana cake AND cooked a roast. No wonder my feet are so swollen and sore tonight. Sheet embroidery (this time a teddy bear) will have to wait until tomorrow.


Little Munchkins said...

I love the embroidery! You showing us all these embroideries is not helping...I want an embroidery machine now!

Natalie said...

Gosh, reading all that you have been doing makes me feel incredibly lazy!!! I just adore the bunny embroidery, just gorgeous.