Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Getting ready for baby

Not much more progress here, but I have finally finished (and hung) both of Austy's curtains so another photo will come when the whole room is done. Not too far away now - Austy's Dad is up in the shed building the bed, and the matresses arrive today!

Here is my second bassinette set, this time I made the contrast band slightly narrower, and I think this is my favourite of the two. I will need more fabric to make more so this will be it for now, but I did buy some plain cot sheets to embroider or applique and some plain ones for Austy too so if the moment strikes I can add pictures to them too. I will definitely need more fitted sheets for the bassinette, as most of the time we never used top sheets with Austin, just wrapped him in a light muslin wrap and layed him on the mattress.

I have also finished up some knitting I started a while ago:

Pattern: Budget 3ply PG 20 (old pattern leaflet I found on ebay) - Panda Yarns Pty Ltd
Yarn: Patons Dreamtime 3ply 100% wool Colour 0049 (Cream)
Needle size: 2.75mm and 3.5mm
Size: 3 months

It knitted up much faster after my frustration had it in hibernation for a while. I think it must have been my very tired early pregnancy brain as the lace pattern was actually quite easy to remember when I picked it up again, not nearly as difficult as I thought it was at first. I have done much more complicated things so couldn't understand why it didn't gel with me. The pattern was quite easy to follow, and I love the round yoke and bonnet crown with the simple horisontal rib. I had planned to dye this yarn as a varigated wool similar to these but am glad I went for the classic cream in the end (couldn't decide on a unisex colour) as it really works well with the classic design - much nicer than the pink one in the pattern book. This would be nice to take baby home in, but since it will most likely be stifling hot in December, I made it a bit bigger than newborn, so instead will be saved for some cool Autumn days visiting.


Emma said...

Absolutely stunning knitting!

Sue said...

It looks beautiful. I find that frustrating things work much better after they have had some time out.

Kylie said...

Joy - that is stunning! LOVE the knitting - you did a great job with it. Love all the new little things that you are making for bubs too.

EmilyandJohn said...

That is gorgeous! Is there any way you'd sell the pattern? I would love to try it!

tence said...

is it possible to get copy of pattern

kaye and lynn said...

Yes, how can one get the pattern?

Austysmum said...

Not sure how you'd get the pattern - this was a vintage one I found on ebay. I love my vintage pattern books and am saving them to continue to make heirlooms for our family (including my grandbabies one day).