Thursday, 13 January 2011

Queensland Flood Relief Auctions

I don't really need to mention too much about the Queensland Floods for people to know what I am talking about - it's all across the news, all across the world, the impact is huge. Toni from Make It Perfect (click button in sidebar for details) has come up with a great idea for the crafting world to raise money to help them all get back onto their feet. The least I can do is take part.

Toni will be listing a master list of all auctions from all crafting bloggers on Monday 17th January, with all auctions closing on midnight EST on 24th January.

I am unwell this week so haven't been able to pull my finger out and get making, however I thought I could still play along, offering up a semi custom soaker or shorties set that I will make once the auction concludes.

The shorties/soaker (winning bidder's choice) will be hand-knitted from lush Woolganics 12ply, dyed by me in a girl/ boy/ gender neutral handpainted colourway using professional Gaywool acid dyes. My dyeing style (a little bit of this and a little bit of that) does not lend itself to repeatable colourways, but you may suggest a colour theme for me to follow. I will create a unique colourway just for you. A matching purchased t-shirt will be embroidered by me to go with the soaker/shorties with a machine embroidered applique design and name of the child (name is optional). If a size small is chosen, there is the additional option of the shorties/soaker being longies instead - I will dye up 100g of wool with 50g of semisolid trim, and 100g will make longies in size small. Similarly, you can choose capris if you are after a size medium.

You choose:

  • Colour preference (girl/boy/ gender neutral) and may offer suggestions of 1 or 2 colours to include in the varigated handpainted yarn. I will choose the other colours based on what dyes I have and will create a colouraway of 4 or 5 colours.

  • Soaker or shorties (for large size), soaker, shorties or capris (for medium size), soaker, shorties, capris or longies (for small size).

  • Woollies size - small (NB-3m), medium( 3m- 9m) or large (9m -2yrs) Sizes in brackets are age estimates only as all babies grow at different rates.

  • T-shirt size and style (short or long sleeved, and size 000-2) I will choose colour based on availability and what will go with the woollies

  • Applique design (I will give you a few to choose from - designs that I have already purchased)

  • Font for name if personalisation is requested (again, I will give you a few fonts to choose from based on what I have)
Here is how it works:

1. Bidding will start at $30 (Australian)

2. Bids are placed by leaving a comment on this post with your bid amount and email. Please make sure your bid is higher than the previous bidder.

3. You must bid in whole dollar increments

4.Overseas residents will be charged actual shipping costs, however postage is free for Australian residents

5. The auction begins NOW and wil close at midnight EST on 24th January

6. At the close of the auction I will contact the winner to find out your preferences for soaker/shorties, colour preferences (boy/girl/gender neutral), long sleeved or short sleeve t-shirt, size and whether you want the child's name embroidered on the t-shirt (and the name).

7. Please make your payment of the winning amnount directly to the Premiers Flood Relief fund and send proof of payment to me.

8. Once proof of payment is received I will make and send the set to you within 3 weeks of receipt.

Thank you so much for taking part. Happy bidding!

ETA: At the request of my first bidder I will also update my facebook account with bid changes. (Great idea Susan!)
Photos are both sets that I have made previously from my own hand dyed wool, and appliqued t-shirts to match (the photographed t-shirts were also hand made by me, but this auction will use a PURCHASED t-shirt with my applique).


brissmith said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Joy. I'll start the bidding at $30. Can you please keep updates on FB how the bidding is going? Regards

AJ said...

Love that top set Joy!

I'll bid $40

brissmith said...

$50 Susan :)

AJ said...


LisaMaree82 said...


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Nic said...

This would be perfect for my little cloth-bottomed Luca, it's beautiful!

brissmith said...


Becky said...

Woolganics is such beautiful wool to knit with and wear too, so soft and squishy! Someone is going to be very lucky here :)

LittleWhiteDove said...


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Nic said...

I think Susan *really* wants this! I'll go $85 :)

brissmith said...

Who wouldn't want this?? $90

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

You had me at the first picture! $92, thanks.

brissmith said...


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...


brissmith said...


Austy's Mum said...

Thankyou to everyone for all of your very generous bids!

Congratulations Susan! I look forward to making this little set for you. I will be in contact with you shortly to get your preferences, and can't wait to get started :)

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Congrats Susan! You are lucky I am a terrible reader for detail as I thought the auction was ending at 7.30pm otherwise I would have come on and bid again LOL. It is a wonderful auction to win.