Saturday, 15 January 2011

My birthday wish came true!

I have wanted a DSLR for ages. And now I have one! I did have to do a bit of prodding to get it, but here it is in my hot little hands. I have been warned not to mention the words "new" and "camera" in the same sentence for the next 20 years unless I am talking about this one, but I think I will be fine... for a little while anyway ;)

I have a lot of reading, playing and learning to do for now, but hopefully I can show you some of the things that this baby can do, here on my blog soon , so watch this space! You are bound to see more FO pics, pics of the kids, (and furkid!) over the weeks to come so you have now been warned that this blog could become picture heavy!

For now though I have some recovery to do. Austy and I have been unwell - poor Austy for longer than I have as the doctor said he was fine after a week of 39 degree fever and a horrid cough that would not go away. I was given antibiotics for bronchitis but nothing to help Austin. When I went in for a second opinion for him I was told we both had either whooping cough or a bad strain of the flu, perhaps even swine flu and to stay housebound until we heard back from our swabs or until we finish the strong antibiotics he put us both on. Luckily we were both given the all clear for whooping cough and swine flu, but it still hit us hard. We were planning to go out for a birthday dinner together tonight as DH and I were both meant to be working on my birthday and no real chance for a meal together to have a cake. However we have postponed again as I can hardly eat a nibble at the moment (apparently that is the antibiotics that make us both feel a bit gross when we eat), so have decided the cake can wait until we can all enjoy it!

I have had a little play with my new toy though, and I look forward to being well enough to be giving it a real workout!

Edited to add a couple of shots I took today on it - I have a long way to go I know, but this was all I could get from my uncooperative (and black -eyed from a sleep-bump the other night) 2 year old, (who told me not to take her photo!) and my still recovering 5 year old. Got to have a starting point, right? Time for me to get back and read the manual some more!


Kylie said...

:) nice and I see you have the 50mm lense too.

But you can talk lenses and flash's etc:) What a great base to work on:) Have fun.

Oh and pop it on to the P setting - it is still automatic but gives you control over the flash - have found that the D90 loves to popup when you dont want i too.

Austy's Mum said...

Thanks Kylie, I have actually been using it like my old camera and putting it in M or A all the time. Think I had better step back to auto modes though until I get the hang of things. Got to learn to walk before you can run eh? Thanks for the tip.