Monday, 17 January 2011

First project for 2011

I have a bit of a project backlog for the blog, as I haven't been keeping up to date. So here is the first one I finished in the first week of January, and has been worn several times since as it's just so easy to throw on.

Project Name: Sunny Days dress
Made For: Madelyn (24m)
Size: 3-4yrs
Pattern Name: Ava Tie Top (Dress version) by Izzy and Ivy
Pro's: No patterns to trace, quick and easy! Great fit.
Cons: Ran out of thread to do the pin ticks with the overlocker as I had used a whole reel of yellow by the time I'd done all the shirring and topstitching. I ended up turning under the rolled edge on the bottom as it wouldn't look right with folded pin tucks, and used a slightly different shade of yellow to do the pin tucks. Yes I could have gone and bought more... if it wasn't a public holiday. I am impatient! This was my pattern tester dress anyway and I have more fabric set aside for another.

And another block whipped up for the Quilts For Queensland project. I did the centre as a paperpieced block to remember how to do it, (yes it has been that long!) and it was meant to be used to make a potholder for the EB Sew-Show-Swap that I am involved in. But it just cried out to become a 12" block for a boy's quilt. And so it became one with the addition of some complimentary borders.

I am almost back to my normal self now, so back to work for me tomorrow (the Dr said I will no longer be contagious after 5 days of the antibiotics so no chance of giving anyone else this horrid respiratory flu and bronchitis and Austy is sounding a lot better now too). Glad to not be coughing so much and to have the energy back to do the things I love.


meika said...

Love the dress Joy! Just gorgeous!

Belinda said...

Love that dress. It is gorgeous! So does the pattern run small or is Maddy a big girl?

Austy's Mum said...

Maddy is a size 3 now in everything, she is very quickly catching up to her borther in height, despite their 3yr difference! The dress comes in size 1-2yrs or 3-4yrs and I did the 3-4 to make sure it was long enough for her as she is as big as most 3yr olds already.

zara james said...

Thanks for the Inspiration and I to can TOTALLY Relate to some of the quality points here. This gorgeous dress is Awesome! Bought one of these vintage only last year, hoping to get some mileage out of it.