Friday, 27 February 2009

Getting there...

Okay, so I actually do have something blogable, but it just seems like not much compared to what I am seeing filling up everyone else's blogs in blog land, and still only just one step closer to having Madelyn's room all finished. But hey, it is something.

We purchased this kidsline clothes hamper when I was pregnant with Austy, and as cute as it was at the time with the matching mobile (that had to go back because it didn't fit the cot) and the matching lamp (which has since been broken by a certain 18 month old boy pulling it down on himself), it no longer "fits". For one thing, his room decor has changed - not a baby jungle room anymore, but a big boy's cars, trucks and airoplane room (and I wish I could find wooden planes to hang from his ceiling!). The greens, oranges, yellows and blues no longer match his bold red/white/navy colour scheme with splashes of green and yellow. And the hamper could have been made better as it tore at the seams over the years, and after a certain little boy thought it would make a fantastic hiding place. So no longer will it stay in Austin's room (a much sturdier option is on the cards) but it has now been redecorated for Madelyn.

I am yet to get the Dad of the house to paint it - it is likely she will have jumped in it and ruined it and changed her decor by the time that happens, but I have asked him to paint the frame white to match the walls and curtain rods... we'll see.

Still to do in Maddy's room:
*Hem the curtains
*Finish her knitted teddy bear mobile
*Hang her birth certificate
*Make a couple of cushions
*Perhaps some bunting
*I was thinking of a quilt wall hanging to match the room colours... but doubt I will get time, I'm almost over working with those colours now and want to make PRETTY DRESSES! (droooooool)

ETA: I wasn't meant to actually post this yet! I was writing it while I had the chance with the kidlets in bed, and accidentally clicked the wrong button. The plan was to go out and buy some velcro after playgroup this morning and post with completed pics. But since I'm a doofus, I have added "almost finished" pics until the real ones come - it's pinned to the frame...


AJ said...

Goes perfectly in the room!! Are you still wanting the nappy stacker pattern?? Or can I make you one because you sent all those baby clothes?? I know what colours to use now!

Natalie said...

That looks fantastic, a perfect match to the rest of the accessories! I have a plain white one here that I've been meaning to rip off, and make a new one for miss C's room.

Becky said...

That lookes really great! I like your modified version better than the original :)