Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bushfire stars

I don't think I need to say anything much about the devastation that the Victorian fires, the biggest, fastest and most fatal of all Australian fires in history, have caused over the past six days. The world already knows since the impact has been so huge. What I will mention though is how wonderful people can be in response to such a tragedy. I watched my normal morning TV show this morning during Madelyn's early feed, and saw the bushfire appeal clock over the $50 million mark. How fantastic is that!!? And the collection centre in Adelaide closed it's doors today after they had received more than enough clothes, toiletries, toys etc. from the public to send over to the surviving victims who have lost everything, including family and friends. What we are told they need now is love and support as they do their best to make it through each day as they rebuild their lives as best they can.

So when Tia set up this flickr group to collect quilt stars to make quilts stitched with love that will not only warm victims bodies but their hearts as well, I jumped at the chance to participate. Of course with a newborn and a toddler at home, and since I'm pretty slow at quilt making anyhow, there was no chance of me making a quilt to send over, but a few blocks I could handle. So four scrappy maverick stars have left my house today to go into some beautiful quilts made by people all over the world.

If you are a sewer/quilter and want to participate, click on the link above or the button on my side bar to find out more. The stars are easily made up from scraps, so cost next to nothing to make and are lots of fun since there isn't much measuring involved. I think I like the brights the best (my last two) and have decided to make a baby quilt for one of my nephews using the scrappy centre blocks as they are so liberating to make and will make a dent in my scrap bag too!

I have also packaged up lots of charm squares to swap for primary colours to make another little boy's quilt. So I will be keeping a close eye on that letter box for fabric mail!


Emma said...

They look great, my favourite is the citrussy star. And Madelyn is gorgeous in her longies!

2ne said...

├Žnice bliks you have made. have a great day