Monday, 9 February 2009

Time for a change

A change mat that is! When I made my nappy bag before Madelyn was born, I decided that I had enough fabric left to make a matching change mat, but it was waiting on me getting brave enough to try sewing with plastic to make it "wee-proof". Since I have conquered that, it was time to make the mat, with those favourite Timeless Treasures "Amelia" fabrics.

Just a simple little quilt type thing, the perfect size to fold in half and fit in the front pocket of the bag. It's not large, but it's fine for her now. When she's a toddler it might be too small but I'm figuring it really just needs to fit under her bottom area and by then I'll probably carry around a little changing tote rather than a whole nappy bag anyway, so I can make one of those fold out mat/tote things.

And someone asked a while ago to see my bag "feet". I'm sorry I can't remember who, so here is the pic.

And some Mummy shots - Austy eating lemons while we baked today:

And my little princess looking as chubby as ever - now 6.2kgs at only 7 weeks!:


Ariane said...

I love the nappy bag and change mat you made. Your kids are so cute. I was wondering who made the fabric you used for the apron your son is wearing, the one with guitars on it. That material is so cute. If you can let me know, that would be great.

Austy's Mum said...

Thanks! The apron was made by Novy at but I'm pretty sure it's a Michael Miller print.

AJ said...

Matches the pattern today Thank you!! Might give mine a start on the weekend!

PS love those chubby cheeks!

Cascade Lily said...

Well done Joy!

Now we know where all that booby milk is going!!