Friday, 31 August 2007

Keeping dolls and teddies cozy

Elizabeth's doll quilt has certainly started something! I have joined the EB Quilters doll quilt swap and will be making a doll or teddy quilt for another little child as well. In fact, I love working on these little quilts so much, that I have decided that I will also do one for one of Austy's Due in November buddies 2nd birthday. So with that said, I can now give a sneak peak... but which is which? And now I love the girly selection SOOOO much, I am wondering whether to give that one to Elizabeth and the one I'm working on for Lizzie to someone else, that way I will get to see it again. Hmmm... Will have to wait until they are made and decide then.

Here are the cute little fabrics I have collected:

For a lucky little teddy bear.

For a sleepy little doll.

Or should I team it with this?

I'm undecided at the moment - I wanted to team it with the Tiddleywinks charm squares (top) but didn't have them with me at the shop so bought the pastels just in case. I would love to hear what the rest of you think as I am a tad stuck. Considering I have changed my mind a thousand times for the fabrics I will use before settling on these prints, I figure I can use all the help I can get.

How cute are kids prints? I just can't get enough of them!

Today was a mother's group free day as Austy is still getting over the chest infection that resulted from the virus he had. The last of his spots faded today but we decided to stay home just in case, and to keep him from running around too much. Which meant I got some sewing done while he slept and some gardening done out the back while he played with his new little wheelbarrow (that Austy's Dad repainted for him when it was very generously given to us by his little cousin, Harry). That all ended though when he dissapeared into the laundry and climbed into the drier with his muddy shoes on my clean washing - ahh that will teach me to leave it in there till I'm ready to sort it!

The borders are now on the disappearing 9 patch quilt that I am calling "Choco- latte dreams" as all I could think about while piecing it was chocolate or coffee. All those yummy browns! And I did get to knitting that sleeve for Austy's jacket, but still a little way to go yet with the bands and zip to do.


Lily said...

Lovely fabrics indeed Joy! I actually prefer the fabric in question with the pastels :) Good luck deciding!

Peta said...
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Peta said...

Beautiful fabric! I really like the charm squares they pick up the colours in your main fabric. The pastels are lovely too though, either way you can't go wrong. Sorry about deleting the last comment, brain not really working here tonight.

AJ said...

Hi Joy.....go with the charm sqaures...with pinks and green you can't go wrong!! Looking foward to seeing how your going to put them together!