Monday, 27 August 2007

Illness strikes again

Just as Austy gets over his bronchiolitis, I get over my chest infections, we have about a week's grace, and then wham. It hits us again. Austy broke out in a rash today which explains his clinginess and night wakings all weekend while his Dad was out of town playing golf. The one consilation is I got some sewing done during the weekend, while Austy was sleeping since I was on my own.

I went home early today to take care of him, and we decided to do some painting to distract him. Luckily the graininess of the photo, and his weak little smile cover up the fact that he looked dreadful. The t-shirt and nappy attire was because he had a temperature and had been dressed warmly before I got home, so I was trying to cool him off. After the painting it all went downhill though, with a few "accidents" and then throwing up minutes after I put him to bed. So in lieu of working on my quilts I am updating the blog while I wait for a locum, after I think the dr he saw today misdiagnosed him.

Here are some of the fruits of my weekend home alone with the little guy - more quilty progress.

I completed the d9p part and started on the pieced border. Awaiting an equilter order for backing and dark chocolate binding.

The Elizabeth Doll Quilt coming along slowly in between D9P piecing

And finally a shot of that jacket I've been telling you all about (but not knitting...)

Bugga! That didn't work - I thought doing something might make the locum arrive, but no... if I pull out that quilt, he definitely will, as soon as I start sewing. Maybe that sleeve should get finished off instead.


Heki said...

Poor Austy! You guys have had a terrible run of it this winter.
All the sewing and knitting looks great!

Emma said...

Looking great! I really love Elizabeth's quilt.

Lily said...

Poor Austy - so not concussion then. It's horrible to see them so sick.

Your two quilt projects are so different and so gorgeous. Lovely colours!

Ann K. said...

I spoke too soon! Austy's sick again.. darn. Hope he feels better in the near future.

Your quilting is very nice..


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Ausin is ill. Hope he is better at the end of the week. You have been busy with your quilts. Love them both.

The Humming Cat said...

I love it all, your so multitalented! With the girls doll quilt, I like the first pic best, the pink and choc prints seem to bring out some of the pattern in the panel?