Friday, 10 August 2007

Flashback Friday rolls around again

Well a whole week has passed with no crafting content at all... I have been busy nursing my chest infection, which seems to have come back with a vengence on our return from our snow holiday, and the lack of posts is also due to that holiday. Unfortunately our trip was cut shorter than planned and I just managed to remember how to ski (last time we went was 4 yrs ago, the day after our engagement in Melbourne), then it was time to come home.

But we are all set to go next year! And next time will be for the whole week. I wanted to try Austy on the skis but he was a little unhappy about walking in the snow ("Mummy pick you up" was his most common saying for the few days we were there - he still hasn't worked out the concept of you vs me yet). Next year he will be 4 months too young to join the Milo kids ski club but should be a better age to put on skis and ski between us as we drag him along.

I do have some photos to show off of him in his hat, scarf and mittens set, and the new "rave pants" I made him the day before we went (they are jumbo cord pants, that are quite baggy and have cargo pockets, reminding me of rave pants), but I'm just not up to pulling them in off the camera yet, so you'll have to wait. I also have some gorgeous fabric purchases and my swap squares for the dissapearing 9 patch to take photos of. I look forward to playing with them under the sewing machine soon!

I do have this Friday Flashback pic though, that I scanned in earlier. The EB girls have decared this week as dressups week, however I jumped the gun and put my dressup pic up last week, so this calasthenics pic from when I was about 4 will have to do. I was practicing my "mexican hat Dance" in the back yard in full costume before our concert.

I promise to be back with craft stuff very soon!


Becky-Dee said...

isn't being sick awful? I really hope are on the mend soon! The picture of you in the mexican costume is gorgeous! I am nominating you for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award so pop round to my blog and pick up a button, then nominate five other blogs that you like! seeya!

Lily said...

Too cute Joy. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Corrie said...

cute poncho! hope you're feeling better soon! poor you...I miss seeing your knitting!