Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The disappearing act of quilting

Well I now have all 20 9-patch plocks all ready to get made into a disappearing 9-patch quilt. I started the "disappearing act" of cutting them out into quarters and rearranging them tonight, but stopped halfway after getting thoroughly annoyed with my new rotary cutter blade that doesn't cut...grrrr. So here is what I have so far. Remember half of the quilt top is still on the table waiting to be chopped up, so the colours here will be spread around a bit further when I have all of them cut. I think I might do an aqua border in a brighter shade rather than a light one, or perhaps some manzanita or chocolate lollypop fabric after a thin bright aqua border around the blocks. Still lots of time to think about that one.

And one with the flash - if only I had sunlight during the week to get the colours right in my pics!Please excuse my dodgy photos tonight!

Here is another little project I have on the go, yes that makes three quilts in progress with only two ever completed! I like the fun colours in this little one, destined to be a doll quilt for my niece. A nice break from the two larger quilts I'm working on. A couple of the blocks need squaring up and I am still embroidering the butterfly, the pink they are laying on will be used as sashing between the blocks. It's soooo cute - when you look closely there are little stitching lines in white that form the outline of kittens playing.

I am still knitting, Austy's jacket still hasn't moved since we got back from the snow though... and he still only has one sock made. When the quilting buzz settles (of course any new hobby is bound to take over for a little bit) I will get back to them and I reeeeeeeallly need to start the R4K boys rug, but I need to do some prep work on the list first as I only have half of the adresses. The girl's rug is moving along beautifully.

Uh oh.. so much for an early night! Nearly midnight... again.


AJ said...

WOW!!! You have done a terrific job Joy!! Those choclates and Aquas work so well...
great start on your doll quilt too!!

Helen said...

Joy! That D9P looks HOT! Great job on both quilts!

Morag said...

Love the D9P too! And your choice of colours is really refreshing. Can't wait to see the quilt once the borders are on.

Lily said...

Yep, I agree - those chocs and aquas are looking fab! Grr to the non-cutting rotary!