Saturday, 7 November 2009

Oh Cherry Baby!

I finally cut into my "Oh Cherry Oh" layer cake that I bought in the US. I love the fabrics so much it was hard to decide what to use them for. While I had originally planned a small quilt, perhaps for Maddy's pram, I never did get around to it, and decided to just get stuck into it and make a cute little outfit fir her instead!
I also used a little bit (a very little bit - I have been HOARDING this stuff!) on my doll quilt swap, sent to Cass, in time for the big reveal today (however the one my secret partner made for Maddy is still in transit so I haven't one to show off today). So you might spy a little there.

This cute little outfit was perfect for my "me time" yesterday as I took Madelyn around the Adelaide quilt show with Emma and her Gran, but I decided to put a different dress on her instead (making the most of her being able to wear skirts and dresses while she is strapped in her pram rather than getting tangled up as she crawls) since the wind was a little blowy here this morning before it fined up into a rather warm day. Oh well, it's still clean and fresh for her to wear to a couple of birthday parties on tomorrow (with a pair of shorts or bloomers packed for when the skirt gets too bothersome).

The skirt was my own pattern, I kind of made it up as I went along - it made me realise how easy girl sewing can be, skirts are so much easier (and FASTER!) than shorts with pockets, buttons and flies! It's just a simple elastic waisted number with a contrast waist band, quite full gathering and a little broderie englaise edging for girlie cuteness. I was amazed at how big it came out - it fits her now (albeit slightly roomy) but also fitted my nearly 4yr old next door neighbour. On the almost 4yr old it was a tad short though so by the time Maddy is her height it would be best donned with short leggings. Austy is still wearing a pair of shorts I made him at 2yrs old, but to have something last from 10m to 4yrs is quite impressive! I'll probably be sick of it by then, but it will be okay for home as I can imagine it could be quite grubby after 3yrs use. The top was made using a pattern from Ottobre 1/07. I love the top all except the narrow neck opening. As it was I had to cut off my neck binding and redo it while the garment was half constructed when I realised it was going to be uncomfortabley high on her neck. Frustrating! So next time I make it (and definitely will be doing it again) I will adjust the neck openings on the pattern pieces so as not to have this trouble again, and make it looser than this one turned out. The sleeves look a bit odd in the photographs here, and yes, they are , just slightly as I used the stretch as you sew method of getting the right elastic length rather than my normal pre-cut and pin evenly method, to save time. You can't tell when she is wearing it, but I will go back to my more time consuming method, I think as I like things to be perfect.


Natalie said...

What an adorable little outfit! I love the skirt and also agree with you how much easier it is to sew for girls.

Emma said...

It's a grogeous outfit; definitely worthy of the hoarded fabric. I can't wait to see her in it tomorrow!

~LilFrankie~ said...

This is just gorgeous! Do you have any brief instructions, I'd love to make one for my girls :o)

Cascade Lily said...

Gorgeous work Joy! She'll look so sweet :)

Miss Amy said...

Wow I love it! well done its beautiful.