Friday, 27 November 2009

Meet Mr Milo

Excuse the blurry photos. This tiny little guy was a bit wriggly as he really didn't want to be away from his Mum just yet, at only 2w old. Guess who's coming to our house in the New Year! We can't wait to have Milo curled up on our laps, or snuggled up in bed, or especially so in Austy and Maddy's case, running and jumping as we chase and play with him. I have a blanket that just needs darning ends made especially for him, and a couple of kitty toys in the planning. Today I had my very first cuddle - the start of what we hope will be a long and happy friendship of the feline kind! Austin chose his name, and then we chose the kitten to suit ;). I think he was the cutest of th bunch anyway, as the others were black and white (except for one that was more like a dalmation - white with black spots). He is more of a caramel colour rather than the grey he looks in these photos, and is still waiting for his curly fur to grow. Can you tell what he is? I reckon those ears and wrinkly skin gives away his breed, even though his tell-tale fur isn't quite there yet.
He is pweeedy small... just big enough to fit into the palm of my hand with a barrel like belly weighing him down!

Please... no more cancer to take away our beloved pets. We'd like to keep this one for more than the short decade we had our Rottweiler dog Astertyx, and Siamese cat Gryffin - each one lost to different forms of cancer following the birth of each of my two legged babies. DH thinks the solution is simple - no more people babies and the fur babies will stay with us. Hmmmm...


Cascade Lily said...

Best be keeping puss locked inside and away from the children if you want him to last more than 10 years!

plushka said...

It's so cute!!!