Friday, 29 August 2008

Teeny tiny squares

I decided to do a test block for my EBDQS quilt since my design uses paper pieced blocks and they finish at a little 4" square with 20 pieces in each. So I picked some colours that are TOTALLY different to those I will use for the swap (so as not to give too much away) and did some paper piecing... something I am still pretty much a novice at but slowly building up confidence in.
Here's how it turned out. I am very pleased as I discovered I CAN manage to do the snail trail block that tiny so my quilt design is a goer. Now to wait for that second fabric order to arrive from the US so I can get started!!


Helen said...

Looks lovely Joy! Great colour combo too!

Marie said...

Oh, that is going to look great.

Emma said...

What a perfectly beautiful little block! I hope you have something in mind to use this block for, too!