Friday, 8 August 2008

A quilt-along

With a few babies on the way, one of them my own I figured I should start yet ANOTHER quilt. As you can see byu my side bar there are quite a few on the go now, but only three are active at the moment (the three most recently started). The others are in my "guilt pile" of things I have started but lost motivation to finish, either because something is not quite right and needs fixing, or they are waiting for something (like my D9P that needs me to find a suitable backing fabric but I just can't find a good colour).

This one is a little different - it's a quilt-along. So hopefully that will help keep me motivated for my December deadline. Here is the first block of ten before hand stitching.

My chicks are coming along slowly, but the needlepoint applique is certainly not my strong point... and my chicks look very "unique" so I am tempted to make one of them very different on purpose. But I guess with a baby lying on them noone will really notice. Or so I'm hoping. 3 down, 9 to go.

And finally this vest might be wearable by spring - I can just imagine Austy with a crisp white collared shirt under it. I managed to get motivated enough to pick it up and unpick the double moss which on one side only was out by a row about 6 rows back, so individually dropped and reknitted each stitch - eeew! It's done now though and I'm finally at the armhole cast offs so maybe, just maybe, Austy will get to wear it while it still fits and it's still cool. As long as there are no more major stuff-ups that is. It's time consuming so very heatbreaking when it needs unpicking!


Emma said...

Both your quilts are looking very cute! I just looked at your quilts-on-the-go list; what is the embroidery D9P? Don';t think we've seen any of that???

Belinda said...

They are gorgeous. Cant wait to start myself!

Cascade Lily said...

Well done Joy! I think your chicks look great!!

And thanks for your comment on my blog - sounds like your labour with Austy was as full-on as mine with Rom's. Inductions are the worst, but hopefully second time around not quite as bad!!

sue said...

Your quilts are very cute. Love the vest too.