Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ahoy there!

Here's the design I stitched with Austy, right after my last post. Another one from the embroidery library, and I think I will soon be addicted to this web site! I think it worked out much better, but then again it was much easier given that I was working on a flat piece rether than a little baby bodysuit. I created the tee using an Ottobre pattern (very similar to the hoodie I made from the same magazine), and modified it slightly, since the hoodie sleeves are far too long. I decided that the sleeve bands were not necessary - the sleeves looked perfectly long enough on their own and when I sized it up against a tee that is still slightly too big for my little spunky boy, they were the perfect length on their own.

I had planned to do the whole thing with the striped fabric, which I bought specifically with a long sleeved tee in mind, but after I had to use some for the hood lining of that hoodie, there wasn't enough left. I decided that I'd applique an embroidered patch on rather than embroider straight onto the stripes since it would be a bit distracting, so it worked out well since the sleeves tie it all together.

Along with the sea-faring theme, I did the applique a raw edge one, which will look more authentic after a few washes. In addition, to avoid the stripes showing through the pale ble, I backed the patch with a square of hite knit, so after washing, the double ragged edge will look very boyish. Instead of going for the neat and tidy double straight stitch (raw edge applique really needs more than one row of stitching for strength) I decided to do to "laps" around the piece, knowing how imposible it is to sew the exact same line twice with stretch knit! I thought the slight wonkiness of the stitching would add to the rough "at sea"character.

Unfortunately my little model refused to try it on tonight, more interested in playing with his cars, so these photos will have to do until I can catch him in it.


Belinda said...

Very Cute!!! I have noticed that nautical is 'in' this summer!! You are ahead.

Little Munchkins said...

You are on a roll Joy. Looks good.

Belinda said...

Thats gorgeous! Looks like you are getting the hang of your new machine.

PS Sorry Joy, but I've tagged you!

Lily Mulholland said...

Joy you did a wonderful job! This worked out great. Bet Austy loves it!

Sue said...

I love the long sleeved top, it looks great with the stripes and the nautical emblem.