Wednesday, 3 September 2008

And the winners are...

Cascio Whirlwind

These are the winners of my Pay It Forward deal, so in the next 12 months, something handmade will be going out to each of them. So girls, please send me your answers to the following questions to help give me a few hints and give me your postal details:

1. What are the ages, names and sizes of your children?
2. What are your favourite colours (or your kids faves, or both)?
3. Modern or classic?
4. Your favourite hobbies?
5. Your postal details?

Please email me at roxyaus @ hotmail . com (no spaces) with the answers and I will get the creative juices flowing!

1 comment:

Louisianna Jane said...

Hi Joy!
Firstly- congratulations on your baby bump!!!! What an absolutely gorgeous belly you have!
Secondly- Austy is just soooo cute!!!
Thirdly- I love all your handmade goodies- you are one talented lady!
Love Lou