Monday, 8 September 2008

A flick ear?!

What is better than one cute 2yr old playing quietly with playdough? The answer is most certainly TWO cute 2yr olds playing quietly with playdough, especially after they had been tearing around Nanny and Grandpa's both having had no afternoon nap, and hyper because they hadn't played together in ages.

And how cute do they look with Novy's aprons on?! Lizzie was very happy to see he had packed an apron for her too, and told her "You can wear the cowboys one Lizzie and I'll wear the guitar one". Then they sat nicely and shared the toys from the little bag I whipped up that afternoon while Austy rested in his bed for an hour listening to Justine Clarke.

Now before I say anymore, let me explain. Grandpa has a habit of telling the kids (not with any meaning behind it) "...or I'll give you a thick ear" on tghe end of what ever us parents are telling them when they are being naughty. So when Elizabeth snatched a toy determinedly from Austy's grip and I explained to her that Austy was playing with that and could she please give it back and wait for him to finish, Austy dutifully added "Or I'll give you a flick ear!" Of course we all cracked up laughing and Austy thought he was the funniest little "comenian" in the world! Kids. Adorable sometimes. Although a few minutes later when I told them it was time to pack up, there were screams from both of them, not so adorable, as they were both well past the point of no return and needed to go directly to BED.

I also finished up these last week, a little pair of woollen shorties from my latest hand dye. Remember how I said I'd used pink so that I could use up the left over pink from a baby gift pair of longies I'd made earlier in the year? Well it looks like I managed to find a place for that pink wool after all. Now to make a boy pair so I'm stocked up with both, and the gift cupboard will be happy to accept whatever pair we don't use.
And last but not least, I thought I'd let you all know that I am taking my 6month pregnant belly, 2yr old and pram for a stroll on the 17th September. Just over a week away. It won't be a normal stroll either, we'll be carrying a gold illuminated balloon as we stroll through Elder Park remembering Poppa, who lost his battle with Leukeamia last year. We hope to raise much needed funds to help find a cure or at least better and more effective treatment for those who are affected by the disease. I figured since I can't donate blood while I'm pregnant, this would be the next best thing, and I hope a few of you are able to dig deep into your pockets and sponsor us as we walk. You can do it all online here, and will be automatically issued a receipt via email for tax deduction purposes, or even have a think about walking yourself as there are events all around Australia. The event is called "Light the Night" as we will be carrying special balloons with light in them to remember loved ones and bring hope for sufferes. Your support would be much appreciated in this very worthy cause.


Kylie said...

Oh that is so funny! It still has me laughing as my grandfather says "I'll give you a bunch of fives!" And when Amelia is cranky will show us her fist and say "bunch of fives, papa"

Good luck with the walk - will go and look into it - maybe I could organise one here next year.

Car said...

Joy - thanks for the link to the light the night, my friends and I have just started a team for the Brisbane walk :)

Little Munchkins said...


I love that embroidered playdough toy bag. Great idea! And thanks for sharing that pic of the apron too :)

AJ said...

Super Cute 'em!!

Jen said...

Wow, Love the playdough tools bag! Might have to try one myself-so much more stylish the the ice-cream container they currently occupy!