Saturday, 6 October 2007

Happy Friday

I had a wonderful day yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post, so here's the post a day late.
It was a beautiful warm spring day that saw the first rose of the season on Asteryx's rose bush start to open, so I cut it off and brought it in. It has such a strong and heavenly frangrance and currently making me giddy as I type it's so good. MMMmmmmmm. A perfect way to wake up!

Then we quickly got ready and dashed out to an EB sewing buddy's house (Natalie's) for a book party where I snapped up some gorgeous little storybooks for Austy, including a lift the flap Hairy Maclary book. Natalie lives out near a big patchwork and quilting shop that I rarely get a chance to visit, so I took the opportunity to pop in on my way home, to find they had a sale on! 20% off all fabric, 40% off selected ones and 50% off all patterns. I was hoping to get a good look through the patterns but Austin was tired after the book party and starting to run amok, so we left it at a couple of neccesities, like the printable fabric, a new biger quilting ruler and some pretty blue fat quarters and fat 8ths to add to the other blues I have to do the scrappy border of Austy's big boy quilt. How cute is this fabric?!

We left the quilt shop, and dashed off to the aquarium shop also out that way, to buy more food for Siegfred the turtle. While we were there I couldn't help myself but to pop into my favourite yarn store in the same complex, that's closing down :(. They too had a 20% off sale to clear out stocks before they cram it all into their other tiny shop at Highgate, so I grabbed some cotton to make another Debbie Blis Tank Top for Austy as last year's doesn't fit anymore.

So all in all a great day! When we got home Austy was rightfully exhausted so he fell into bed while I played with my new purchases. Here's a sneak peak at my latest project - a day care bag for Austy! Yes, that's Slinki Malinki right there on fabric - got to love printable fabric! Austy saw it today, pointed and said "Ohhhhhh Noooooo! Criminal cat!!!" I just know he's going to love carrying this bag into day care each day!

I promise more photos tomorrow when the handles are finished (Austy woke up before I could finish today) showing the cute lining and pocket and the other Slinki pictures on the other side of the bag.

Oh and you might spot a little teddy pillow in the pics.... just another tease for the teddy/doll quilt swap!!
And maybe TMI - but it's a good thing I made some trainer pants for the boy on Thursday night - two wees and a number 2 in the toilet today!!! No babies here anymore!


Heki said...

If it makes you feel any better part of the reason behind closing said yarn shop and moving back to being just Highgate is...Highgate is going to be extended!!! Woohoo! Something about new owners of the building...I know it's a bit of a bummer distance/convenience wise.

Oh and BTW Austy really is getting to be a big boy! It only seems like yesterday I was admiring bubba pics of him!

AJ said...

Well Done Austin!! If your such a big boy now...Mummy and Daddy will have to work on a new baby then!! :)

Lily said...

Nice haul there Joyce. I do like the alphabet fabric a lot! And LOL at 'criminal cat'!

fallen~from~grace said...

YAY! Well done to Austin with his Toilet training, what a big boy!!!
We are big Hairy MacClary fans here. I love love love the bag you've made with Slinki on it. Too cute!

Emma said...

I'm so glad Asteryx's rose is blooming. It sounds like a beautiful day. Well done Austy on the TT. I got that HM book at one of those book parties only a month ago!

sue said...

Love the fabrics, and how lucky you can print your own too. I like the colors of the cottons too, and have never seen the Wendy Supreme cotton. I cant wait to see the new top in all those colors.