Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Exciting email day

I checked my hotmail emails at lunch time today (I don't check them as regularly as my home address) and was thrilled to bits - lots of good crafty news in there! Here's the list of things that made me smile in the order that I read them:

1. A Creative Memories sale on with my local consultant and some exciting scrapping events coming up
2. My invitation to join Ravelry and find out what other web knitters are all raving about
3. I WON!!!!! A free ball of knittery yarn by posting a photo of Austy's cabled hat in the Knittery Flickr group.

I never win anything so that third item caught me by surprise big time! :) There were also a few other nice things in there, like the equilter and fat quarter shop newsletters which are extra good with the Aussie dollar doing so well, and a Jo Sharp sale at the Wool Shack, but after Austy's Dad reminded me how many projects I have to finish by the end of the year (on top of all that study I have to do), I am not quite sure whether buying more fabric and yarn right now is a good thing, as no doubt I'll want to start using it straight away. If I can buy it and restrain myself, all will be fine!

Now it's WIP Wednesday, but I think it's time I showed you something I whipped up for a 1yr old's birthday party on the weekend - a little toy tote, made from denim and a gorgeous Timeless Treasures aeroplane print.

I was thrilled with how it turned out and almost wanted to keep it myself for Austy to take his change of clothes and Sleepy Pendoodle Dog to childcare in, but it was well worth gifting as little Tristian's Mum was as thrilled as I was and was very grateful. Just what you want when you go to all the trouble of making something. Inside the little bag was one of Austy's favourite books (but a new copy for Tristian of course!) "Going on a Bear Hunt". Hopefully he will enjoy it as much as Austin does.

Oh, and I have another little bag planned for Austy - it involves his favourite story character - Slinki Malinki (of the Hairy Maclary series by Linley Dodd). More to be revealed at a later date!

Last night I went to my first embroidery class at a little shop on Deveraux Rd called Class Craft. When I walked in the doors for the first time a few months ago my mouth dropped at all the beautiful things in there. Vicki, the lady that runs it takes classes most of the week, teaching people how to make the little treasures she stocks, so I couldn't resist booking in when Austy's Dad had a Tuesday night off work to sit home with Austy while I stitched. I wanted to learn shadow work as the simple and delicate nature of it really draws me to it, and I have visions of making a little musical cushion for the next baby, to hang on the door or cot, with a sweet little rocking horse embroidered on it in shadow work with the baby's name and birth date stitched beside it. It might be a bit more achievable than the huge cross stitch birth sampler I was making for Austin, then never touched once he was born (all it needs is a few little details in the border and his name/birthdate stitched on so I really should get to it soon). I had to start my shadow work learning with a boring ribbon design, I have no idea what I'll use it for as I'm not too keen on it, but it is a good practise piece none-the-less. I doubt I'll ever finish it, as I will probably get bored since the design doesn't grab me at all.

When looking at it, please remember it's a learning piece and I have never done this before - my hand stitching is my downfall of any project, and I decided it's time to improve it. I'd also love to learn the wool embroidery to do a beautiful cot blanket, but the opportunity to go to a class will be a rare one for me with Austy's Dad working evenings and weekends, and me at work during weekdays. Since she doesn't sell kits and just teaches you as you go to each class, I probably will never get that project off my "one day" list.

Now, to get back to those many WIPs and check out Ravelry!


AJ said...

Great Bag Joy...well done!

Lily said...

I'd be excited too! And the tote did work out well!

Heids said...

The toy tote is...(trying to think of another word than fab, lol), darn it, it will have to be FAB! love the aeroplane fabric and what nice surpises in you e-mail! Have fun with the embrodery classes, I kmow exactly what you mean about hand stitching being a weakness - mine is atrocious!