Saturday, 13 November 2010

Pageant Day!

After a trip to kmart yeilded only a t-shirt for Madelyn and nothing for Austin, I pulled an all nighter sewing his from scratch. When I saw all the Ben10/spiderman rubbish in the boys section and not a single plain t-shirt that wasn't black, I remembered why I had bought his from the girls' section last year when I made their appliqued Christmas pyjama sets. Unfortunately this year all the girls' tops had puffy sleeves which kind of gave away that they weren't meant for the boys.

To add to my frustrations, I went to the sewing shop to get more stabiliser yesterday morning, and came away with a heap of tear-away, only to realise it was the cut-away that I had run out of, and the one I needed for knits. I decided to give it a go anyway while Madelyn had her nap and Austin was happy to sit on my lap pressing the start button. Unfortunately I discovered the hard way thast tear-away is no substitute for cut-away when it comes to knits. The hat and the lollies looked like something Madelyn had coloured in, with the colours way off the outlines. So I rushed back to the sewing shop when she woke up for the right stabiliser, and still had to do both designs and make the t-shirt after they were tucked up in bed for the night.

The looks on their faces in the morning were worth the heavy eyelids though when they saw the tops layed out for them on the couch this morning. We fed and dressed them and got down to the bus stop hoping to stay out of the rain, where they sat still for a brief moment for me to take a picture or two. (We didn't catch the bus in the end - we got there early but it just didn't come so we had some tears from a very bus-happy boy!). The shorts and skirt were in their wardrobes from last summer, and the clip I made for Madelyn yesterday morning. They looked very cute, all Christmassy and loved the pageant, Madelyn pointing out all the butterfly floats and anything pink, and Austin very excited when the jolly man in red arrived.

Austin's t-shirt is the same pattern I used for the EB clothing swap earlier this year (simply because I already had the pattern trtaced out in his size). It is the "Sulo" t-shirt from Ottobre 3/2010.


Car said...

Gosh Joy, where did your baby go??? Maddy looks so grown up now!

Cute outfits too, love Austys shirt!

AJ said...

Worth the all nighter I think! So cute! Maddy is looking sooooo grown up!! Look at all her hair!

Miss Zan said...

hai... just drop here n read your entry, honestly,your daughter is so lovely n beautiful like baby doll....