Friday, 15 October 2010

Swap set revealed

Here is the little summer set I sent over for 4yr old car loving Tom, the son of Anna, creator of TillyTom Designs. I must admit, sewing for a WAHM who makes and sells gorgeous kids clothes was a little daunting at first, but I just pretended I was sewing for Austy so my nerves dissappeared, which was easy given that our boys are both 4yrs old and similar in sizing.
I think the t-shirt was my favourite part of the set - I am just such a sucker for a raglan, and I do like blue on little boys. I nearly used the pale blue as the main colour, but I know how grubby my boy gets and decided that the navy was more practical.

The shorts took a little longer than I expected - all that topstitch detail, and lots of pockets (those gusseted ones on the sides were a little fiddly, but I think the effort was worth it. I tried them on Austin but he wasn't thrilled, telling me "You forgot the bit that keeps my ankles warm - I will get cold!" I think he was happy when I told them they weren't for him, mind you, we were having some very chilly days before I left for the US, and until today, I thought I had brought the glorious Michigan weather home with me.

The trim fabrics used for the applique on both the shorts and top, and for the front pocket inserts and side pocket gussets is some wonderful new Riley Blake stuff. So great to see his fabulous boy prints, and I stocked a little up to do something fun for Austy.

Please don't be disheartened by my long time between posts - I am working on projects, I promise. However our computer has held on longer than it should have (just) and really needs to get ditched for a new one. That's right, my laptop died ages ago, and now the main PC has had it, and reboots itself every few minutes making posting rather frustrating. Now I just have to get my miser of a husband to agree to getting a new one... I am STILL waiting for my new laptop! (He has Scottish blood - need I say more ;))


Natalie said...

Wow Joy, the outfits looks amazing! I love all the details - I need to start making up some summer stuff for my boys and love shorts with lots of pockets and trims too.

Kelly said...

Love your blog!