Friday, 14 August 2009

Swimming time

Again, with the squirming baby on my lap (she has bronchiolitis nd just won't be detached from me for a moment without tears but with some prednisilone last night slept better than she has in AAAAAGES - Yipee), please excuse the typos as my hair gets ripped out and keyboard lashed at.

Austy needed a new bag for swimming. He's needed one for a while since hisThomas shopping bag style one tore at the handles, but since he was no longer going to childcare, we just used his childcare bag for swimming. However I also use that one for his library bag when we head down to story and craft time every Wednesday and since it really is more approrate for storybooks (it has Linley Dodd's Slinki Malinki all over it - from his favourite ever book) it was time to make a swimming bag rather than get into trouble every time his goggles went missing in the switch to use the bag as a library bag.

So I took Austy to spotlight, picked up a few bolts of fabric and asked him which one he wanted for his swimming bag. He looked across to the shelf and picked one that I wasn't really that keen on, ignoring what I had in my hands. Then as I started looking for something to match it with, he picked up some blue dots and was determined that I buy both the road signs and dots for his swimming bag. I didn't think they went together all that well, but hey, it was going to be HIS bag after all, so I just went along with his selections. I got home and was uninspired, especially when Austy's Dad exclaimed "Those two fabrics aren't for the same bag are they?!" with a look that told me he disapproved. So I rummaged through my stash and we decided that the rainbow dots went better (I would have loved an orange or red with it but had nothing big enough) and I just snuck the blue dots on the internal pockets to keep the boy happy.

The internal zip pocket was something I'd never tried before, but it was very easy, especially with this excellent tutorial. So any budding bag makers out there - I definitely recommend you give it a try! It keeps his swimming pass and change to buy marshmallows (his bribary for swimming without floats) nice and safe and easy to find. I also added a patch pocket to hold his jocks, goggles and brush rather than having to dig around at the bottom of the bag.


Liam's Mummy said...

I actually like the fabric that Austy chose, but then I didn't see the lining he chose I guess. That zipper pocket tute is really good, isn't it? I used it recently myself. I like how you put his name on it too.

Anonymous said...

Bag looks great and Austy did a good job with the fabric, I love the road sign one. My son chose it for his quilt not long ago.

sue said...

I think the road sign fabric is a great choice for his swimming bag. My daughter uses one of those yellow Coles fabric bags for swimming and it fits everything into it, although I really should make her one as she has lessons with the school soon too. I hope your baby feels better soon, bronchitis is never nice and I always seem to be the one in the family who gets it too.