Friday, 25 May 2007

Scrap or Sew Night

After neglecting my sewing and scrapping until recently, I have decided to set aside one night a week where I do only that. I have chosen Fridays as I have the whole day off work so am not too tired to think, and have usually tidied up the house and got stuck into the washing the night before so figure I deserve to indulge in my hobbies and hopefully create something worthwile in the process.

Last Friday I scrapped, tonight I sewed. A boring nappy, but a much needed nappy at that. We use my homemade pocket nappies during the day time, and my homemade fitteds with my hand knitted covers for nights. But for naps Austy has 3 bubblebubs nappies that work better than pocket nappies for holding in the leaks but not as good as fitteds. Why not use fitteds? Well Mr Dad doesn't like stuffing around with nappy covers, and since he puts Austy to bed 80% of the time for his naps, the nappy has to be super easy, no mucking around, quick to put on and absorbent enough to handle 2-3hrs of serious napping. Bubblebubs fit the bill! (Disposables do to but I don't like the smell or the crystals that form on my precious boy's bottom after that much sleep in one). However recently they haven't been coping with the little fireman as well as they need to and I've had to wash his sheets and sleeping bag after every nap... Not so much fun and with the cool weather the sleeping bags aren't dry by evening so if both end up in the wash on the one day, we're in trouble.

The solution was to re-engineer the Bubblebubs nappy. Apparently that's quite legal for anyone that wants to rave on about how I'm putting WAHM's out of business (don't ask - I have heard lots of nastiness before for making my own nappies for personal use that look similar to bought ones). I made a few changes to improve on the fit (the way the leg elastic goes in, changing the shape slightly around the crotch and using bamboo fleece instead of hemp, and wider velcro). The tester will be put to work tomorrow, hopefully as he catches up for the nap he didn't have today. 3hrs and no leaks (I hope!). Check out the flannel - it's so darn cute - how could I resist?!

Austy turned 18m old today. My baby is now a little boy. So we went shopping for big boy shoes and then after a failed attempt at nap time, I took him to see his buddy James (19m) and I got to see my good friend Emma, play with her quilt design software and check out her inspiring quilts. Yep, Austy's big boy quilt is in the planning! Here's a sneak peak:

Now it's almost midnight so I must get to bed if I'm going to survive the energy that is Austin tomorrow. Night night.


Corrie said...

they look great! I'm still to get the time to sit down and make miss k's nappies!

I'm seriously thinking about having a timetable, so that monday afternoon is sewing, tuesday scrapbooking, wednesday....because I am so behind in my scrapping and cards and knitting!!!!!!!! I think I might try it!

Peta said...

Your nappy looks so cute! I can't wait to see your quilt, my boy is nearing 2.5yrs and I still haven't got around to making him anything.

I love your timetable idea too, my sewing has been seriously neglected. I love seeing your creations, you are very clever.

Cass said...

Love the nappies and the quilt fabrics look great

Kylie said...

Love the nappy - cute material - how did it work - has it stood up to your little fireman?