Monday, 14 May 2007

Looks like it's time to play tag...

So the tummy bug we've all had this week isn't the only thing on it's was around... I've been tagged... TWICE... by Corrie and Helen. So I figure I'd better get in quick and tag the next seven before there's noone left to tag.

Here goes - Seven (uninteresting) random facts about me:
  1. I have two holes in my knee after an encounter with a stud bull calf with a broken leg when I was doing work experience at a country vet when I was in yr9 (13 yrs old)
  2. I like my vitabritz soggified with boiling water before I add the milk.
  3. I met my husband by literally bumping into him as I raced my way through the maintenance department at BHP Whyalla - there were blokes wolf whistling and I was embarrassed so I wasn't watching where I was going...
  4. I was the only girl in my year at uni until I moved to Adelaide (then there were two others).
  5. When I was pregnant I had a dream where I was pushing my 2 yr old in a trolley... and he looked just like Austin does now!
  6. My banana cake used to win awards at country shows (when I was a teen and actually entered)
  7. I was an exchange student in Finland for 12m after I finished yr12 here in Aus.

There - time to tag seven more:

heki ruth becky-dee mama llama lolliegirl bec shelley

And I have been knitting (and still have to post pics of Austy's tracksuit I stitched up the other week) but with all the sickies going on here I haven't had a chance to take pics. Will probably update you on Wednesday when the most whingey sicky (DH) has gone back to work and leaves me in peace. (Feeling like a very bad wife writing that but after looking after Austy with gastro - quite traumatic watching your 1yr old so sick and upset - and having it myself I am SOOOO over it and haven't got time for his sookiness while I still had to change nappies whilst sick - it's now day 3 of a 24hr bug and he is still complaining...)


Mama Llama said...

Ugh. It must have been an international bug (or, spread through blogs) because we just recovered from a stomach virus, too. And my DH was the most annoying of all, as well. Why can't they just suck it up like we have to? He layed on the couch and moaned until I finally told him to go back to bed. I couldn't take it.

Heki said...

Hmm so it was YOU who made me sick!!! Glad it was only a 24 hour thing. My DH pretty much never gets sick...he reckons it's cause he was always grubby as a kid, which he wasn't!
I will post my reply to the tag tonight...but I have no-one to tag back sorry...

Kylie said...

LOL to all of the sick DH - mine hardly ever gets sick - but when he does man do we know about it! Hope that you are all better soon and back into sewing and knitting and things that you enjoy!

Helen said...

Wow, 12 months in Finland would have been soooo cool! :)

Stitch Sista said...

I just wanted to say hi...saw you posting over at woolaholics.

I think we have a bit in common :P.

I am an engineer too (electrical), a knitter (obviously), love the same bands as you, and best of all a capricorn!!

Anyway I'm always excited to find people I have lots in common with!

Off to hunt around your blog now...I've only seen your profile so far and was compelled to post :D.