Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 - Day 1

Ok, so I am going to mention right from the get go - I am not too good at these things.  Life tends to get in the way, or I aim to high and then feel I don't have enough interesting stuff to post but hey, I am up for the challenge!  And that is to blog every day in October.  I know there is probably a linky party somewhere and I'd love to join it if I can find it, but for now I am happy to party along on my own.

So today my topic is...

What's hot right now?!

In the world of my sewing desk that is.

Well I am on holidays right now, and amongst kid activities while I am home with them (a rare opportunity due to plant shutdown during school holidays) I am also trying to stock up Miss M's summer wardrobe.  Master A hasn't really grown a lot this year (nothing new) while his sister seems to be on an endless growth spurt.  As the weather has warmed up over the last week or two, clothes from last summer are slowly meeting daylight again, but also having a tough time squeezing over her.  So my big goal this holidays is to sew as much as I can for her while I have a little extra time.

The next priority is a new pair of sheer curtains for her room.  You see her room has the most glorious morning aspect, with sunlight streaming through welcoming the cats.  Lotta has always loved that front window ledge, especially first thing in the morning (I swear she bolts there as soon as she hears me open the sunouts).  I think in her constant leaping on and off the window ledge she may have been the one who caused a small tear in each curtain.  But then along came a crazy playful ragdoll kitten, fondly known as Marvin, who took great pleasure in taking a little tear and making it huge.  In fact we now have about 50cm torn from the bottom of one curtain, almost halfway across!  The man at the curtain fabric shop told me they love pets - they give them a lot of business! (I still haven't replaced the curtain in the family room that the English Mastiff, Lewis enjoyed for breakfast one morning - but that one isn't seen from the street!)  So alas I have some boring sewing ahead of me, thanks to said furballs and the fabric arrived today.  No doubt I will have a nagging voice in my ear from the man of the house if he catches me sewing something other than curtains until they are done.

And finally, some cuteness to look forward to - Miss M pulled out all her Australian Girl Doll clothes today and took stock, telling me all the things her Emily needs to get through the summer. Big A told me we have too many cupboards full of fabric too, and when I told him most of it is leftovers that are too small to make things with unless I buy stuff to go with it, he suggested the unthinkable (throwing it out!).  Doll clothes will help dig a dent in that stash. 

I should make them in secret and save them for her birthday, but I don't think l I have the self control for that.  They are too stinkin' cute, and I have to give them to her as soon as the last stitch is stitched, to see her face light up and to beg her to try them on Emily right away!  Take these teeny little shorts - how can I hang onto them until December?!

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AJ said...

Those little shorts are cute!
I found a link party here

It has prompts if you get stuck!