Friday, 3 October 2014

Blogtober - Day 2

Oh my, not doing well, day two and I am already running late with my post!  Well only if we look at it technically, I can get away with it if I tell you I haven't gone to bed yet, and it's still the 2nd in many parts of the world.

I'll keep it brief tonight (as I really should get my beauty sleep!), I was sidetracked by my new found love - smocking.  I have booked the kids in for a day of Minecraft Camp on Monday, and need a project to take with me as I don't feel comfortable leaving Master A there, especially since it's quite a way from home and he can get a bit overstimulated when he has a long stint of computer time.  Normally he's limited to an hour max, to avoid meltdowns but on Monday he is getting a whole day!  Since I finished off my quilt binding and got a bit bored with my knitting at the kids art classes this week, I decided I needed to have some smocking to mix up with the knitting through the day.

So Sally Stanley (the mother-in-law's pleater) is having a sleep over tonight.  After movie night with the kids, I prepped my fabric and pleated it, taking a bit longer this time as I had to work out how to shift the needles around and do half rows.  It was my first whole piece too and I found it dragged a lot more than the insert did - inserts are a breeze to pleat!   Then I spent hours trying to work out a smocking plate from a photograph of a gorgeous dress that inspired me.  Got there in the end, but too indecisive to pick a floss colour this late at night.  Tomorrow... although I really should get to those curtains and save this for Minecraft Camp! After roller-disco today we have bowling on the agenda tomorrow morning and then quiet time in the afternoon so a good block for curtain sewing.

Do you have a craft that suddenly has you hooked?  I can't imagine not having a smocking project to work on regularly now!

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