Monday, 10 May 2010

Retro sewing book give way

To the first person to comment with "I'll take them!" (in Australia only)
The pink children's clothes book contains drafting information as well as some very retro patterns. Maybe there is someone out there who could use them to create their own modern take on them.
The Simplicity book on the right has fasion tips (fabric selections and design elements to suit your build), measurements (including standard measurements tables) and alteration instructions, along with lots of techniques.
I am decluttering my home in an effort to get on top of things again and find more time for the things I love. I nearly threw these out but thought someone else might get something out of them. Back to the decluttering.


Miss Moo said...

I'll take them!

I love retro sewing patterns and these would be a nice addition.

Thanks x

Bellgirl said...

Dang, I missed 'em! I guess that helps with my own decluttering :)