Friday, 26 March 2010

Warning: Kitten photo!

Milo 5 months, originally uploaded by austysmum.

Okay, so it's not at all sewing, quilting or knitting related but I couldn't help but add another photo of my littlest baby to the blog. He is starting to look more like the Cornish Rex he is, now that his fur is finally growing. For a while there he looked half Sphynx, but now his fur is getting longer, thicker and starting to curl up like those adorable frizzy whiskers!

I never liked that strange stripe down his nose, I'd prefer it if it weren't there at all, or if it were more solid, like it was actually meant to be there. However now that I know his personality, it really does suit him - he's all perfectly sweet and cuddly, but has a mischievious streak, just like that messy little white streak down his nose! My hand has several holes to prove it but for some reason he only gets really rough with me, despite the fact I.m the one who saves him from Austy and that I'm the one he likes to snuggle up with. Hmmm go figure!

We had a rough few wekks with him last month with him vomiting all the time and then I thought that perhaps it was due to me switching dry foods from his usual Hills Science Diet to a supermarket variety when I couldn't get to the vets or pet shop to buy more of the Hills stuff. I switched back to Hills, and our carpets have been safe since, so now I know we won't be making that mistake again. He is fed mainly a raw meat diet but has the biscuits to nibble on the rest of the time as we clear away the meat after meal times so it doesn't get too germy (or smelly). I am suspecting some kind of grain/cereal allergy as those supermarket foods tend to be much higher in grains and cereals and many actually have them listed as their top ingredient even though cats are primarily carnivores, unlike dogs who will do well with some vegetable matter in their diet.

Milo is fitting in perfectly with our little family, he and Madelyn are a delight to watch as they have formed such a strong bond and play together so beautifully. Somehow Milo knows she is a baby and is ever so gentle with her. The funniest moments are when he waits in ambush mode and pounces on her as soon as she toddles past, and she squeals with delight. Austin still smothers him a bit but Milo has now become a part of his bedtime routine. We hop up onto his bed (Austin, Madelyn and I) to read a bedtime story and Milo will jump up and snuggle on the quilt while we read. When I take Madelyn out, Milo stays and when I come back to check on Austy after putting Maddy to bed, there is Milo snuggled under Austy's tight little grip - he has his stuffed monkey Montgomery in one arm, Milo in the other. Milo takes my precense as his cue that it's safe to climb out of bed without being pinned down again.

And onto crafty stuff, I have a couple of knitting swaps on the go still, almost near completion, and lots of babies on the way in our little circle of friends. Tonight I am tackling curved piecing for a baby quilt, so I promise to have some quilty stuff to show off soon, along with twin newborn knits.... aaaawww.


Kylie said...

He is cute - I have visions of you chasing him around the house with a texta or hair dye to hide the strip though - glad that he is spared and it has grown on you.

Ouch to the hand - yes why do things hurt the ones they love, and the one that feeds them:)

Pokey said...

Cute post! It is special how our pets blend in with our children, and become such an important part of the family routine. You know, your children will be blessed by having pets in the home, I've seen this happen so many times.