Sunday, 28 March 2010

Conquering curves

So here's my first curvy block, a circle piece for a baby quilt I am working on. As you can see it's rather unisex as we don't know the sex of the baby on the way.

However I think I will have something girly in the works again soon as my sister (who is celebrating her 30th birthday today - Happy birthday sis!), is very excited to be expecting her second daughter and sixth baby in July/August this year. That's right, I have a lot of nephews! My oldest niece (my sister's first child) spent the weekend with me last weekend and I used Aunty privaledges, keeping her up late to teach her how to sew (she is 8yrs old). I showed her how to use the embroidery machine and how to change colours etc. so under my guidance, she was able to do most of the design herself. We embroidered an owl onto some brown canvas, which we then turned into a little book bag with some owly lining from Spotlight. I didn't have time for a photo before she took it home but she was mighty proud of it. I am guilty of using the quality time with her to test out a design for a ravelry swap item though, so a similar bag will be churned out again shortly and I'll post pics this time!


Lynne said...

Happy birthday to your sister.

Very nice patchwork.

As a quilter of only two weeks duration (actually only four days sewing time) I wouldn't be game to tackle curves so I'll be watching your progress with interest.

Miss Amy said...

Quilters amaze me, I dont think I would have the patience to have a WIP for me things have to be done quickly... lol! Your niece will love the memory of you teaching her to sew, I was 8 when my aunt taught me. :) congratulations to your sister. :)