Thursday, 8 January 2009

So much to blog about

Sorry it has been a little while since I blogged in here but I promise you I have been busy!
Okay, so all I have managed to sew in the past three weeks has been a pair of scratch mits, and two fitted nappies, and the only knitting I have done is still unfinished.

But here's the reason.

Our beautiful little girl Madelyn Anneliese joined our little family on the 19th December 2008. You can read all about it here, and there are also some more photos to be found on that blog for those who want to see. With Madelyn, Christmas and a couple of birthdays, it has been rather hectic here of late but it's about time I blogged some wonderful crafty gifts we received over the past month.

Firstly there was the EB Sewing group Secret Santa swap, where someone mysterious (they just put SS on the card and envelope!) sent me a very generous package with something each for me, Madelyn and Austin. I got a stunning little pin cushion and a cute little needle book (I am always losing needles in my pin cushions so this is perfect for me) as well as a yummy bag of Darrell Lee Christmas chocolates. Maddy got a cute and soft little bird with a bell in it and a hand embroidered bib. Austy was delighted to open his gifts - some biscuit cutters, stickers and Father Christmas stamps which he set to work with straight away!

Then, while in hospital, Madelyn and I had a visit from the talented Emma, who brought two beautiful quilts for Madelyn. The first one was made by the EB Quilters, where each person sent Emma a block or two with cream & burgandy as the theme (to match the nursery) and Emma pieced them all together and quilted them. The result is eye-catching and it has a beautiful richness about it. Madelyn loves it too - the contrast and colour have her staring at it all the time. In hospital I draped it over the head end of her crib when I wanted to have the light on at night, so she didn't get it shining in her eyes. I had the quilt with the blocks facing her for her to look at, then I noticed the sparkles in the beautiful backing fabric that I hadn't seen before. I had admired the pink flowers against the burgandy when Emma gave it to me but loved it even more when I saw the sparkles!

The second quilt is a work of art - Emma's own design, in a perfectly pieced quilt where all the points are crisp and sharp, and it has wonderful texture with free motion quilting on all of the white background. Emma knows my favourite colour is aqua/turquoise and designed the quilt to suit with a gorgeous range of fabrics. The subtle shade of pink is just perfect as it's not too pink at all, just adding a touch of prettiness to the quilt. This is such a special quilt, and pictures just can't do it justice.

While we're on the topic of quilts, here is the monkey quilt I finished for Madelyn while in hospital. I spent the last week or two of my pregnancy putting the last quarter of it together, adding the borders (the two thin white borders are peek-a-boo borders) and quilting it. Then I got it ready to hand stitch the binding down in hospital, while being monitored for induction and then through that first night while we were waiting for labour to start. It doesn't have a name yet as I was waiting for Andrew to buy the new printer he promised ages ago when our inks ran out, and now we have the printer I'm all out of printable fabric for the label. So as soon as I'm brave enough to tackle a quilt shop trip with a 3yr old and 3w old in tow, I will come up with a name and do the label. And yep... the backing's on upside-down... woops. I was very tired in those last few days! Oh well.

And last but not least, I received this little dress for Madelyn from the wonderful Novy, who has more than spoilt us over the past 12m with not one but two aprons for our little boy, and now this pretty little dress for our little girl. I love using dresses on warmer days as they are so easy for nappy changes (and I get to show off the cloth nappies!) as well as being a bit of a novelty after having a boy first. Andrew loves them too I think, and was as impressed by Novy's sewing as I was.


Miss Moo said...

Congratulations on the new baby. I'll confess to being your secret santa (tonimaddie on EB). Glad you liked everything. Good luck for your first trip to a quilt shop with 2 tow.

Sereknitty said...

Congratulations! Wow, so many wonderful goodies to display. I'm a total quilt fanatic and while I'm not into making them myself, I am an avid collector. I did, however, recently consider doing one for our grandson, when I discovered the same monkey fabric you did. Your quilt turned out beautifully!

Miss Moo said...

Gorgeous baby! We call our Maddie Miss Moo and I've started calling Sam Mr Moo now. The quilts are lovely too, I'm going to attempt my first quilt this year.

Tracy said...

Congratulations she is beautiful, like her mum. Enjoy your babymoon.

Heki said...

Congratulations!!! I have been waiting for this news. Hope Austy enjoys being a big brother and that you continue to enjoy motherhood second time round!

AJ said...

Great Quilts Joy...enjoy them!

mames said...

congrats, joy! it is all so beautiful, most of all mama and child(ren). happy new year!

Peta said...

Congratulations she is just beautiful! Lovely quilts too.

Sue said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous daughter. I have been checking in to see when you had delivered her into the world. Those quilts are absolutely amazing and very beautiful. I love your sock monkey one too, how cute. The dress is just gorgeous and I loved to dress my little girl in dresses when she was small too. Now she loves to wear them all the time and get dressed up when we go out too. It is nice having a boy and a girl, you get to experience both worlds.

Kylie said...

Congratulations Joy - she is so so cute (cluck cluck!)

Will head over and read all about her arrival. Congrates again and looking forward to seeing some of your creations for her over the next year.

Lily Mulholland said...

Joy, just catching up on blogs and wanted to say again how gorgeous your bub is and how beautiful all the presents were.