Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's a finish!

Finally after 2 years of very slow progress, Austy's quilt is finished and last night he slept under it for the very first time (or rather with it on the foot of his bed since it didn't get below 33 degrees celcius here last night). We added to our good night ritual a game of sitting on the quilt, picking our favourite novelty squares and matching them up with the bunting flags hanging on his wall.

I stitched down the last of the binding on Tuesday night and designed and printed out a label which was stitched on yesterday. Unfortunately my laziness in the laundry lead to a glob of wool wash landing on the top corner of the label when I went to wash the quilt, which took away a glob of colour with it. So the label will most likely be printed again next time I'm doing labels. But for now the quilt is finally where it belongs. Here's the digital version of the label, since I stuffed up the real one. From now on no more laziness when it comes to washing quilts - water and detergent in and THEN the quilt!

And while I was at the label designing and printing I finally did one for Madelyn's monkey quilt that had me hunting for a name until I just went with "Playtime" as that's what the quilt is used for.


Sue said...

Oh those labels are both so sweet. Your very clever.

AJ said...

Congrats on finishing Joy!! It is great to see a quilt folded up neatly on the end of a bed! :)

Emma said...

Well done! The labels look great! I bet it's a relief to have it finished.