Monday, 1 December 2008

New nephew arrival day

My new nephew is about to make his entrance any minute now, (my sister is in the throws of labour as I type) so here's another little set I whipped up for him to go into a basket full of goodies. I think I need to make Austy a PJ set similar to these little baby sets (but with t-shirt and shorts instead of course).

And a couple of baby bibs for the gift basket:

Lastly, something for my baby... due any day now! I have been terrified of fold-over-elastic but when my purchased PUL nappy covers (Tots Bots size 1) arrived looking rather large for a tiny new baby, I decided I should give it a shot. I wasn't sure how much elastic to buy so unfortunately what I have left won't make another. So I have an excuse to go shopping again... The next ones will be coloured or printed - a little more exciting.

While the elastic on the legs (over the leg gussets) was a little challenging, I'm happy with how the cover turned out. A much better size too! Although by the size of my bump, if this little one hangs out in there too much longer, it may be a whopper!! Another size update tomorrow after my ob appointment. Last check it was measuring a week ahead, and starting to engage. I'm hoping for next week to give me a little more time to finish the curtains and some more nappy sewing. Austy's Dad is hoping for the 14th... or even the induction date on the 19th. Hmmm... no thanks - going by last time induction does NOT always mean a quick labour - just excrutiating and painful!!

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Kylie said...

You are so busy for a women about to have another little bundle of her own.

Take care and looking forward to what the rest of the weeks bring you. How exciting to have two little ones just before Christmas. (oh and the 14th is our anniversary - so a very good day!)