Monday, 29 September 2014

Selfish Sewing Week 2014

As usual, my own wardrobe is fairly bare. I spend more time sewing quilts, or clothing for my kids than I do me, and don't get a lot of time sans kids to go shopping (most of my kid free time is spent working, doing the supermarket shop or perhaps the occasional gym visit).

So when I realised it was selfish sewing week, I decided I'd better squeeze something in for me.

Being on holidays a few days before the kids gave me a chance to nip into spotlight and pick some fabric. When I saw this gorgeous summery cotton sateen, I immediately grabbed it and tucked it under my arm to make an Everyday Skirt (by O+S designer, Leisl + Co). But I was also hunting down fabric for a dress. I was looking for something a little lighter for my dress, but I loved the print so much, I decided I would just go with it (despite the dress pattern calling for lighter weight fabrics) and tucked a bolt of plain blue linen under my arm for the skirt instead.

I used the Tank Dress pattern by Sew Caroline, and did the optional pockets and elastic casing for the back, thinking the fabric was a little heavy for shirring. While the pattern is well presented and the dress has a nice modern shape, with a comfy fit, I wasn't super impressed by the instructions. It is such a simple design that it would be a great beginner's pattern, but there was quite a bit left up to your imagination. There was no information about seam finishing (of course I serged all my seams anyway), and I was a little unsure how to get a professional finish with the pockets having never done any like this before (crazy right, after all these years sewing!). I knew I wanted to top stitch somewhere to make sure they always sat the right way, but wasn't sure where, or when to do it, and had trouble lining them up perfectly when I did my side seams. I have since inspected a bought garment with similar pockets and have a much better idea about how to do it next time, but with a pattern at that price I'd expected the detail to be there. The pockets sit a little low on me too.

I lined my pockets with a solid lemon broadcloth, being a lighter weight fabric to sit more comfortably, but they still take a bit of fiddling to get them right when I put on the dress. All in all though, I am happy with the finished product, there's just a few things I'd do differently next time. I'd recommend that beginners leave off the pockets for their first dress. The fit is great, and ease of wearing is everything to me! This is something I can comfortably throw on and dress up or down.

Now, I have to apologise for the photography - this is what happens when the hubby gets called in to take the pictures. I got two iPhone shots, one blurry and that was it. Now you see why last year's selfish sewing went unpublished! But at least I have something to show you this time.


AJ said...

Looks good Joy, despite the blurry photos!

becanne said...

Yellow looks good on you.
How did you go with the skirt?