Thursday, 7 August 2014

And the winner is


Who wrote:
Afternoons lazing the hours away down at the lake :-) the kids love it, its relaxing and a great at to spend a sunny day

Congratulations - I hope you enjoy sewing up this top as much as I did.

I held open my drawing an extra day due to a slow response, giving the ladies who responded by the original close date an extra entry for fairness. Even then I didn't draw it on time because I was madly working on this.

This was where I was at on Saturday afternoon, with the baby shower it was for, just hours away! No, I didn't make my deadline, but took it anyway to show the new mum.

You see, the day I bought my fabrics, I brought them home, made the first cut and my phone buzzed, of course it was the announcement that my good friend's baby had decided to come early - just over 6w!

So he turned my plans upside down. Instead of whipping up an outfit the weekend before the baby shower, I whipped up a preemie outfit the following Friday night, took a quick snap and dropped it off at the hospital the next day hoping it would cheer the new mum up a little after she had to leave without him on the Wednesday.

(Patterns are from my extensive Ottobre Design collection- an itsy bitsy size  45cm!)

Then it was a drop everything kind of experience as I rushed on with the quilt, aiming to make it for the baby shower instead of the expected due date. Alas, I didn't get there, but I came close. Just a few lines of quilting to go before I can get that binding on.

And a final note: Apologies for such a very late post - blogger has been playing games with me and not letting me post pictures... and then I couldn't get into my account.  But I am here now.  Congrats again Marimba!

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