Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's a finish

While I forgot to post in time for the February link up, I am proud to say that I did achieve my goal of a finished quilt top! 

I used this block tutorial, and added some 1" sashing since I mis-cut my triangles, and felt they needed some extra spacing.  I found that the sashing helped to keep the quilt top square too, since the background leaves the edges of the blocks cut on the bias and a tendency to stretch. 

I added a border of blue, since the matching quilt will also have a border, and I wanted to tie the two quilts together a bit, since they are both from different patterns.  The only fabric I purchased for this one, was the white background and blue border.  I am trying to make a dent in my scrap bin, but it didn't dent it quite as much as I had hoped, so there are definitely more scrap quilts on the cards for me this year!

My March goal will be to make a pieced backing (also from scraps), quilt and bind this quilt.  I am still not sure on the binding - the calmer blue/red stripe? Or the bright primaries? 

As a stretch goal, I hope to finish the top for the matching quilt, which has sat as a pile of blocks for quite a while!

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Emma said...

Great quilt top, Joy! I think either stripe would be great for the binding. Good luck meeting your March challenge!

carolegoldquilts said...

Yay for achieving goals! I really like the blue binding because it plays well with the top without pulling my eye away from the beautiful triangles you worked so hard to piece. Having said that, the brighter binding is very fun! Go with the one that makes your heart sing! (Big help, hey?) :)

Rachel Brennan said...

Just wonderful, well done you. Its looks amazing.

Wendy said...

lovely quilt, that is so nice! I didn't realise it was a scrap quilt either until you said so! I like the bright stripy binding

LittleWhiteDove said...

It looks fabulous!

Linda said...

It's lovely!