Monday, 11 March 2013

Because little girls aren't always young ladies

Madelyn is a knicker flasher.  Like many 4 year olds, she has no idea of modesty.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record... "Madelyn, put your dress down!"...  "Madelyn, put your legs together!"...  "Legs down Madelyn!" 

Often we give up and keep her in shorts, but we have a few little denim skirts from Gymboree, that all have little cotton shorts attached.  Marvelous inventions!  But not quite enough twirl for a princess.

So once again, Tie Die Diva came to the rescue, with her Twirl Skirt pattern with attached bloomers.


I see a fair few of these in our future!  I think I might try it with some little stretch knit shorts underneath though, the bloomers really are more like bloomers than shorts and quite "boofy".  But then again, perhaps that is what makes the skirt so puffy and twirly looking.  Some experimenting is in order.

I do love the ruffles.



AJ said...

Cute! Very twirly!

Karen Smith said...

Very cute. I like the bloomers because they pouf out :) Every time I put my three year old in a skirt, I always put spankies or knit shorts on her, otherwise she flashes her diaper to the whole neighborhood :) BTW, I'm visiting from the Apron group.

Austysmum said...

Thanks Karen! Looking forward to the apron swap!