Saturday, 6 October 2012

School holidays, and we've been busy!

I don't often get the holidays off with the kids, but this school holidays, our company had a scheduled closedown for the second week.  I took the opportunity to spend some time with the kids.

A trip to Madelyn's mum and baby group after not seeing many of them for at least a year, found a new home for a baby knit, as one of the mum's has recently delivered a beautiful little girl into the world.
Kelly Brooker's "March Sisters"  Beth pinnafore pattern and Rosa Leaf Booties by Julia Noskova 
(Modelled on a reborn doll)

We dyed some wool for me to turn into monsters - Austy wanted grey, green,yellow and blue but the blue kind of moulded into more green.  His favourite colour though, so he is happy.

 Maddy couldn't make up her mind and kept adding colours but wanted lots of pink and purple.

We had a marathon craft session from an idea I found on Pinterest:


I love the texture..

.. and Austy's signature (yes the two's are still reversed but he is definitely improving).

I even managed to dust off the sewing machine and sew this little playsuit for Maddy.  So cute!  Can't wait to see it on. 

Pattern from Petite Kids: Johanna Romper. Next time I would definitely make the tie longer, this is a size 5-6 and the images in the pattern look like a smaller size. I like the way the pattern has the tie ends hanging lower.    Fun fabric is a Riley Blake design,with sweet little birdies singing in the flowers.  Perfect for Spring!

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AJ said...

Super cute romper! How easy is it to sew....I'm very tempted!