Sunday, 27 May 2012

Little Declan and a visit to the Gaol

Remember the preemie doll I was working on, to help me get the sizing right for my preemie donations? I found some wool roving at Spotlight and added it to his head, which was the defining moment for me that helped me decide he was indeed a little boy.

I made a little hospital gown using a scaled down version from Milly's (of Tin Whistle) pattern and added an applique boat, and then thought he needed a good seafaring kind of name, and so little Declan was "born".

I tested my own angel nappy pattern on him for size (and am happy to report it is perfect!), and since he looked a little cool in his smock and nappy, I had to knit him a hat. Don't you love how floppy and poseable he is?

After entering him in the doll net contest (and you can vote or check out the other entries over here), I made him a tuiny little sleep suit, which adds so much of a "pick me up and cuddle me" vibe that I wish I had got to it sooner so that he could look all cute and cuddly in his competition photos.  Oh well, I still think he's adorable.

Although not quite as adorable as these to "gaol birds"!  Yep, that's my little munchkins at the Adelaide Gaol, where we visited today for their open day.  Its a little macabre but I wanted to do something special with them as I haven't had much time for them lately, and there was a threat of rain so it seemed like a good little outing where there would be plenty of shelter if we needed it (in the cells!).  We gave the mock execusion a miss, as that wasn't something I wanted to explain to them just yet. The kids loved exploring though, and took home their mug shots and finger prints on a souveneir card and were very happy that their rooms are much nicer than the prison cells.

I love how they were both wearing mostly handmade today.  I finished Austy's Explorer Vest this morning (just needed a few ends darned in) and it is super soft and snuggly, so he has enjoyed plenty of cuddles today.  Of course I can't resist when he's so darned cute! He was also wearing the handmade cords that were made for him in last year's clothing swap, which have had quite a bit of wear now, and still look great.

Maddy didn't miss out - that's her handknitted hat I made her for childcare last year (and her only one that fits her now as her home hat is too small and has disappeared so I think another is on the cards).  She is also wearing her "Little Butterflies" cardigan that is made from yarn I dyed, and perhaps my favourite knit for her so far.  Her cords are yesterday's effort as she is badlyt in need of new clothes since she just keeps getting taller!  There are 3yrs and 3 weeks between these two, and they are both wearing the same size trousers in these photos!  Okay, so Maddy's are a little big - size 110cm from Ottobre 1/2008 but I wanted them to last longer than a few days!  Because of their bagginess I think the front pockets look a bit odd, but with time I am sure they will be fine.  No they are NOT on back to front - there are pockets on the front and the back.  She loves the pockets as they have butterflies and dragonflies in them, like a special secret! So it's great that theyt are on the front so she can access them.  Austy loves my analogy that handmade clothes are like an all day hug, because they were made with love.  He has been thanking me for hugging him all day - precious!

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Sue said...

Your little premmie Declan is just so cute. I love that you dressed them in handknits. Mine are both now too big (dont want any)to wear handknits so I try and keep friends and family dressed in wool!