Thursday, 18 February 2010

Got their backsides covered

Austy needed some stretchy shorts for Little Athletics so I whipped these up and let him press the start button as we embroidered some running shoes on the front leg (so he knows which way to put them on). He thinks he made them, because he pushed the start button a few times. In reality, I did most of the embroidery as it turned out to be an annoying one with only 4 colours but 20 thread changes! Reeeediculous. If only I could design my own embroideries... I forgot to take a closeup of the design so will try to do that in time for snap shot Sunday. These are called his "run fast shorts" as apparently they make him run fast, and do long long jumps. :)

I got Maddy's butt covered too with a very girly, princessy nappy for my very girly girl. I need to make quite a few more but the nanny hunt is taking up most of my energy at the moment with calls and interviews but still no nanny. I am exhausted by the end of the day and even the knitting has taken a back seat to going to bed early this week.

Oh and just look at HOW girly this precious princess is:

The kitten seems not to mind her feeding him her water (saying "Nigh-no... aaaaahhh"), or having books plonked on his head as she says "taaaaa", and he will happily knick off with her soft toys if she tries to share with him. I can just see her a little bit down the track dressing him in dolls clothes and pushing him around in her pram. I wonder where she gets that from.... (I have vague memories of taking our baby guinea pigs for rides in my trike when I was about two, and remember grease stained doll clothes from when the cat ran under the car to get away from me waving a bottle at him...)
Madelyn has been totally amazing us with her language skills of late. Just last week Austin and I were counting to ten as he was playing hide and seek with his Dad. We paused after 5, and Madelyn filled in 6, we said 7, then she said 8! We thought it was a fluke, but she happily repeated it and then had her grandmother shocked today when she went to pick her up and said one... two... then Madelyn finished "feeeeeeee"! She can also say arm, eye, ear, nose, and point to them on people (and kittens!), and she sounds so cute when she drops something and says "woopseee". She says "apple" a hundred times a day (the girl loves to eat and since apple and pear are the only fruit she can eat that has become a favourite word), and she tries "pear" occasionally. Tonight she was telling Austin "EAT Atty, eat, eat". She knows he never eats dinner so was saving me having to say it. Clever little girl, hard to remember she's only 14 months (tomorrow!) sometimes.


AJ said...

Cute Nappy! Let me know when Maddy grows out of it! ;)

sue said...

Oh Austy looks so cute in his run faster shorts! Maddy's nappy is just so pretty isnt it. She is doing wonderfully well talking so much, but little girls do talk a lot, lol! I know my daughter never stops talking ever since she learnt how to. I am sure the kitty will get used to the antics. My sister used to do those things to do our dog when she was younger but he never seemed to mind at all!

Becky said...

Those pants are just too cute, both sets! Sounds like the cat is settled into the family very well which is perfect.

Good luck with the Nanny hunt...

Lynne said...

Very cute photos of your kids.

Please email me (or post to the blog) - what happened to the Rug 4 Kidz project? Jane finished and was waiting for an address for the next knitter and... Thanks.