Saturday, 5 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

Okay, so I'm a few days late but things have been a little busy over here. I was thinking of doing a 2007 wrap up post like many of my other bloggy friends but when I went to start I looked at my 2007 completed list in the side bar and suddenly realised that I nearly made it to 40!!! If only I had finished binding the baby quilt I'm currently working on.

Oh well, I have decided there's no way I can add 39 photos to one post so the 2007 completed list might have to stay, and I'll just add a new one for 2008. There's no way I can do that many projects this year with 40hrs a week at work, an extra subject to complete my Masters by the end of the year, a 2yr old and a house to move into but I'll do my best to get a few projects completed this year.

I do want to try more quilts this year and have heard some exciting news that several of my friends are expecting babies so there's no better time to expand my quilting knowledge! I also want to finish a few knitted WIPs and make some cute little baby knits as they have always been my favourite thing to knit. Plus I have the new machines to explore so there will be some stitchy projects this year too.

Wishing all my readers a happy new year for 2008. We can't wait to move into our new place, so already we feel it will be a great year for us!


Kylie said...

That is one impressive completed list! Well done!

Helen said...

Happy new year Joy! Here's too lots of quilting in 2008!