Thursday, 6 September 2007

The start of something new

What is it about starting something that makes me put off finishing things? Once again I have started a new knitting project without even finishing any of the three on my WIP list. Remember I try to limit myself to 3 knitting WIPs (and think the rule will also be applied to quilts) in an effort to try and finish at least some of them. I guess I can take Austy's socks off the list because I think this is one sock that will live it's life in solitude, at least until next winter. I tried it on him and it's far too big, falling down all the time just like the monkey socks I made myself. I think I need to use knitting in elastic next time I make socks, I hate socks that fall down and it seems to be such a waste of effort when they are the last socks to get worn.

So what have I started? Here's a sneak peak. The back completed. You will have to wait to find out more!


tigerfilly said...

I love the colours whatever it is!

Helen said...

Oh, I love seeing sneek peeks and watching what they grow into!