Saturday, 24 February 2007

Knitting in the round

I just got courageous and started my first ever pair of socks on Wednesday night. I am making the monkey socks from knitty, and while I stuffed up and did normal rib instead of twisted rib, my first sock is coming along nicely. I didn't pull it undone to redo the ribbing because that bit seemed to take so long, and holding 5 needles seems to be harder when you first start the sock. It's getting easier as I get into the pattern more, I don't know if it's just due to practise or if it's the small amount of knitting that was on the needles.

The tank top fits Austy perfectly and looked great on today. I bought him a pair of white 3/4 pants from Esprit for him to wear with it - he looked so cute! I am just about to leave for the reception so might have to pop back in later to add photos.

I am also excited to have joined my first ever exchange - the International Scarf Exchange - this will be exciting. Must run now, off to have some drinkies while the inlaws watch the boy!

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